Batting away a million dollars

Imagine that you meet someone in the elevator and he has struck up a conversation with you. You have 18 seconds from the time the door closes until you reach your floor.

You ask, “What do you do?”

His reply is, “ We help people set up an internet business to make more money off the internet.  Here’s my card.”

The elevator door opens.

You put the card in your pocket to read later.

You are sitting at your desk looking out the window of your corporate office on the nineteenth floor. You remember the conversation you had this morning in the elevator on the way to work. You take the card from your suit jacket pocket and look at it. One side is in color and the other side is black and white. Your eye goes for the color first and you read it.

On the front side this is what you read:

Before you turn this card over and read the back, close your eyes and imagine you are standing at home plate with your bat in your hand. The ball is coming. You hit the ball as hard as you can, a home run. Now imagine the ball coming at you is a wad of one million dollars. You hit away every million dollar ball that comes at you. (Turn the card over)

On the back side this is what you read:

Sorry, but I can’t do business with you. You didn’t follow instructions. You didn’t close your eyes and imagine you were hitting away every million dollar ball that came to you.

How do I know you didn’t follow the instructions on the front of the card?

Because you would not admit that you would hit away every million dollar opportunity that came to you. And yet you do that every day in real life. The reason is that you will not follow instructions, step by step instructions to the letter, in order to get the prize.

It is not in our character, our human nature, or our paradigm, which is the multitude of habits we have formed during our lifetime, that keep us from doing the things we need to do in order to be successful to that degree. We keep batting away all the opportunities that come our way in order to stay in the game. You see if we don’t hit the home run, we lose the game.

Our opposing team is called ‘society’. It is made up of people who are family, friends, co-workers, bosses, neighbours, etc., that we interact with on a daily basis.

What do you think would happen if you were to catch one of those million dollar balls and take it and run with it? You certainly would not stay in the game, in fact, you would not be allowed to play with them again. You would be thrown out of the game and told not to come back.

And so it is in real life.

What do you think would happen if you were all of a sudden to become a multimillionaire? Would you still be able to play with those that you played with before? Would they still accept you in their circle? Or would they look at you like an outcast and be afraid of you and not want anything to do with you any more?

Think about it. What would be your reaction to someone you knew all your life and now they have become a  multimillionaire. How would you react to them. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what you would do.

Am I right or not?

Now ask yourself what game do you want to play? Do you want to continue to play with your circle of friends in society that you have always played with, or do you want to play in another league?

A league where we play with million dollar balls and we do not bat them away. A league where we make new friends that will not throw us out of their game, but will help us play by the rules.

And we must follow their rules if we want to stay in their game.

The choice is yours.

Robert Dorsey

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  1. Gee, how’d you fit all that onto a business card!?

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