Still Having Trouble Generating Leads

Still Having Trouble Generating Leads

What does it mean to generate leads and why do we need to?

Having Leads that are interested in your business is like a store on a street having enough traffic going by to offer a high percentage of them something that they will want at sometime or another. In other words, building your business in a high volume area of customers to make your business profitable.

On the Internet, we call these “Leads”. Without Leads, you have no business. This almost always consists of what is know as ‘cold calling‘. These will not be people you know, they will not be friends or family, nor will they be anyone who knows you. The Internet is a big world and you must attract people from all over the world.

Only at this point in time in the history of the world can this be done. This is the ‘Internet age’. Without the Internet this could never have been accomplished. There is no business today that does not have an Internet presence of one form or another. Advertising on the Internet is generating more income than TV as the number one medium to advertise in.

The development of Automatic Lead Generation Systems have been the biggest advancement to generating leads for those who need to have a list of prospects in their industry. An automatic system, once set up, and running on auto-pilot will free up not only your time, but is the most cost effective way to advertise.

Tools that we need to generate leads.

Tools in network marketing are also internet related. These tools are people oriented in that the tools are what gives anyone a way to be associated with you.

This is called a funnel, or plan to follow that will cause your prospect to become a lead, and then ultimately, a customer.

Your funnel begins with a reason for a person to be interested in looking at what you have to offer.

Your prospect is then taken to a capture page that has information about your offer, but asks for their name and email address, or phone number or Skype ID, in order to receive the information they were interested in and that was there purpose for being on your page.

Once having left their name and email address, they are put on a auto-responder list that will receive your information at pre-determined intervals. Any other information you wish to send to your prospect regarding information or product links you have for your prospect, is then sent to you list at pre-determined intervals also.

This is the system that upsells to your prospect wherein they receive your free gift, or first offer, and then they are introduced to any following information or products you have for them to purchase. This gives them the opportunity to purchase more information of the niche they are interested in.

These products or resources are usually what will be of value to your customer to help them in their problem. Your customer needs to solve their problem. What is their problem? Their problem is the same as yours if you are targeting people in the same niche as you. It will be something they want.

Having tools that pay you for affiliate or recurring payments will also pay your customer in their business also. These products will help fund your advertising to maintain your business while you generate more leads.

The leads generation system I use.

I use MLSP, My Lead System Pro. This is a complete marketing training system that has built into it all the necessary tools and resources necessary for a successful business.

Here are some of the tools:

  • Multiple capture pages on several marketing topics that target the problem of generating leads.
  • Tools and resources that generate a commission while used in the operation of the business.
  • Automatically sorts prospects into lists that are built into your own auto-responder.
  • Hours of recorded training and ongoing weekly training webinars that keep you up to date on all the marketing techniques to make you successful.

MLSP is THE marketing system on the Internet. Training video’s which talk your through step by step instructions make it easy to set up and start making money in the shortest time possible.

Of course to keep up with the latest trends you are going to need ongoing training on the latest developments in marketing. MLSP offers this with live Webinars and ongoing training that is the best in this Industry.

Have a look at my website here and don’t forget to leave me a comment below to let me know what you think of the system.

To Your Success

Robert Dorsey

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