Internet marketing with an MLM business

My name is Robert Dorsey.

I got involved with Internet marketing with an MLM business that I am passionate about. I thought just having a business, which was done online, was Internet marketing. I was so wrong.

Just because your business is done mainly online does not mean you are involved with Internet marketing.

Online Internet marketing is all about advertising.

Just like a real physical business that is on the street, in the mall, or in an office tower, your online business is handled in the same manner.

Just imagine how you would set up a franchise such as McDonalds.

The first thing you would do would be to make your business plan. Decide what your steps will be to get your business started and then have a list of steps you follow to implement that plan until you have your ’grand opening’.

You have registered your company and purchased your franchise. Next you will do a feasibility study and plan the location of your building. You will need to know who your customers will be, where you will draw them from and how many will be local according to the population of the area.

Then you will have to build the building. And don’t forget about the front door. It is this door that you have to get your customers to come through. If they don’t come through your door, you don’t have a business. If you build your building where there are no people, you don’t have a business as there will be no one to come through your front door to purchase from you.

So how do you get customers to come though your front door? You have to give them reason to come in to your building to purchase, or at least, to look at what you have to offer.

Now in the case of McDonalds, everyone knows what to expect and what they are going to get when they come in to eat. But think back, it was not so in the beginning. What made McDonalds so popular?


What was the biggest advertising idea that McDonalds had going for them? The big yellow arches. And then followed with Ronald McDonald. Every kid in the world was training their parents to stop at the big arches to eat.

Was it because the food was so great? No, it was because of the popularity that the advertising campaign generated.

I remember when our kids were young, every time we were going down the street where we could see the big arches, that was all we heard. They wanted to go to the big ‘M’. “Daddy, let’s go to the big ‘M’”.

And now, years later, it’s “Lets stop at ‘Tim’s”. There have been many people driving across the country, or across town for that matter, that have to stop at every Tim Horton’s along the way. Why? Is it because the coffee is so great?

No, it’s because the advertising campaign has generated the idea in people minds that they have to stop at ‘Tim’s’ for a coffee and donut.

So to get back to my opening statement, I have realised that just having a business on line does not mean that you will ever do any business. You have to follow the same steps as in a physical business.

We can have a building (the web site), and even have a door for customers to come though (an opt-in page or a link to order your products). But without the customers, you don’t have a business.

Without the advertising, people walking down the street past your store will not even know what your business is all about. And are you offering what they want anyway? Have you given them reason to walk in and see what you have?

So the problem is not having the wrong products to offer. As popular as McDonalds is, there are hundreds of restaurants down the street from the golden arches that still do a very prosperous business. Eateries are a dime a dozen, so the solution is to get customers though your door to purchase the type of product you have to offer.

This is only done by letting your prospects know what you have to offer and convince them that they have to come in. A prospect is someone like a window shopper. They come in and browse and when you ask them if you can help them, they usually say, “Just looking”.

We can all relate to that, we have all been there. So put yourself in your customers shoes and say, “Just looking.” and what do you see?

Do you see what your prospect sees? Or do you see what you want him/her to see?

Your prospect will come to your site with the expectation of what you have given them to look for. They will look around and if they don’t find what they are expecting, they are gone.

It would be like someone going to McDonald’s and expecting to find Chinese food. The Big Mac just would not be what they expected and they would turn around and be gone.

So the question remains, if you have an MLM business, or an affiliate marketing business, or selling your own products, how are your customers finding you?

Are you giving good quality information about your products? Have you placed your web-site on sites where you can make your site visible to attract as many prospects that you need to generate customers out of them?

So I have come to this conclusion. Having an MLM business or affiliate marketing business on the Internet, is not about the products of your business. It is about marketing your business.

Marketing has to be our business. Internet Marketing has to be the biggest advertising campaign that we will do. We have to learn how to market or we don’t have a business.

We must build the Big ‘M’ for our own business. We have to be visible so that every one driving down the street will see the ‘Golden Arches’ of our web site, our blog, or opt-in page and want to pull in and purchase from us.

Why, because our product are so great? No, but because we have to become a reputable and popular place to stop and they can feel good about coming.

There will be many web based marketing business sites even in the niche that you have chosen. This is a given.

Competition is fierce in this World Wide Web based market place but the best way to succeed is not to compete. The best way to succeed is to build your own visible ‘golden arches’ and let the people come to you who want to come to your site and let the people who want to go down the street go down the street. If you have built your business right, they will all come through your door at some time or another.

This is the nature of man. He is curious and will come in to see what you have when he gets the chance to drive by and stop in.

When he comes in you will be able to say, “How can I help you?”

And he may say, “Oh, just looking.”

But if there is something he will be able to use, he will purchase and then you have turned prospect into customer.


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