There is one thing in life that is a constant and that is the amount of money you are able to earn.

This is the formula: The amount of money you earn is directly proportionate to the amount of people you serve.

In other words, if you are working for one organization then you receive one paycheck. That may be small or large amount, depending on the service you provide to that organization. You work at one company, you receive one paycheck.

If you are going to increase you money earned, then you will have to increase you service. Make no mistake, there is no changing this law.

I am not talking about getting another job and working nights and weekends to bring in another paycheck. It makes no sense to go and get another job just to serve one or two more establishments and get two paychecks instead of one. That will only give you another small increase to your income and in most likely hood, kill you. Your health will be the first to go, you won’t be able to keep up the pace and you will get exhausted and in the end, your service to your primary job will pay the price and then they will fire you because you are no good to them anymore; and you get the picture.

So this form of increasing your income, holding down two jobs, does not work. So what will work?

In order to increase your worth, it must be a system that you are able to make available to many people who will deem it valuable to them. There is only one way anyone will do anything for you, and that is if it is valuable to them.

The only thing that your potential client is looking for is the same thing you are looking for, and that is MORE MONEY. Period.

Remember why you wanted to find some way to increase your service? You wanted more money. And we already established the fact that in order to increase your income, you must increase your service.

Bottom line: in order to increase your service and make more money, you must increase the number of people you serve. This does not mean to get a second job. It means you have to find a way to serve more people than you are physically able to serve on a one on one basis. You are only one person and are only capable of being in one place at a time.

So what is the answer?

First of all, lets look at the Multi-Level Marketing industry know as MLM.

This is a system that leverages your time and worth by providing an opportunity for someone to sign up under you and then you get paid according to how much volume of business they do. The more people that sign up under you, the more money you make. Sounds simple. Well it is in theory, but if it were this simple, then we would all be living in our dream homes, driving our dream cars, and vacationing on some exotic island with dancing hula girls. (Just an expression. Nothing wrong with dancing hula girls.)

So I need to tell you a story here.

I was talking with a person the other day and shared with that person the idea that her income was directly related to the number of people that she was able to serve.

I asked her how many paychecks did she receive?

Of course she said “One”.

So I asked her if she was making all the money she needed or if she could use more money. Of course she said she needed to make more money.

So the next phase of our conversation went something like this:

I asked her if I could show her a way to help several people make money and get paid from several different sources, if she would be interested.

Her reply was typical, “Is this one of those pyramid schemes where you get people to sign up under you and they get people to sign up under them? If it is, I’m not interested.”

Now at this point, your up-line would have told you to shower her with facts about how good the company was and how much their product could benefit her and how people would be running after her to get into business with her. You know, give her the old pitch and make her feel even more convinced that she right by refusing to do business with you.

And that is the way it is with most people. Probably they have had a bad experience with MLM in one way or another. They probably had their cousin Joe, who they were very fond of and enjoyed being with him, come over an pitch them on an MLM business years ago, and because it did not go well, their relationship with him was never the same again.

They don’t blame Joe for their ruined relationship, they blame the MLM industry.

So why doesn’t MLM work for everybody and help more people make more money like it is designed to?

The answer is simple. It is the nature of the business that is the problem.

A regular business like a store, restaurant or service is opened on a street where anyone looking for your product or service can come into your place of business and purchase what they need. There is a physical building with a sign to advertise your business and everyone walking by can see your business and know exactly what you are offering.

In an MLM type of business, there is no store, no restaurant, no office, and no street with your building on it.

No one knows you even have a business.

So how are you then going to do any business?

You have to go out and find your customers. You have to let every one you know that you have a business and that you have something to offer.

Where do you find those people to share your business with? Herein lies the problem!

Now we must differentiate between the ‘old school’ of doing MLM business and the ‘new school’ of business today.

With the invention of the Internet, it has changed to way business is done for everyone. On line advertising has replaced most other forms of advertising. More advertising is done on the Internet now that on TV. And there are statistics to prove this.

So must the MLM industry change. It is still a people business, but the method of marketing has to change to keep up with the Internet.

Up until now we have been the hunter, going out and hunting down everyone who would listen to us pitch our business to them. That is why nothing has worked form most people. Nobody wants to be told they need you product or that they need to get into business with you.

People will do more for you if they thing it was their decision in the first place.

I worked for years for a man who was like this. Any new idea we came up with, if it was not his idea, then he didn’t like it. If it was not his idea in the first place, then he always said “No” just because it was not his idea.

So to get around it, I always made little suggestions until he got the idea I was after. Then he decided the idea was his and the job would be done. This is know as ‘Reverse Psychology’ and it works.

So instead of hunting our prospects down, we need to be the hunted.

How can we do this?

It is like any other business on the street. We need exposure.


  • That is to let people know you are there.
  • Let them know you have what they need without trying to sell them.
  • Be visible on the social media sites.
  • Address problems that they might have regarding your solution to those problems.
  • Give free information regarding those problems.
  • We need to converse and interact first with potential customers before they become customers.
  • Tell stories about solutions to problems you have had.

To be in business you must be worth something to you customer so you are looked upon as someone worth doing business with. You must have some value as a business owner, not just your product.

The way of doing an MLM business has changed and we must keep up with the times, the Internet times. It is a new world and whether we like it or not, it is here to stay for a long, long time.

If you have any comments on this discussion, please leave them below. I am interested in what you have to say about marketing.

All the success to you and have a great day. Robert

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