Is it True you can earn lots of Money with Project Payday?

Can You Actually Make Serious Coin with Project Payday?

Here is fundamentally how Project Payday essentially works:

So here is how it goes. You go online and join get a free bottle of the latest snake oil. This snake oil usually costs $100 a bottle, but all you’ve got to pay is a shipping and handling charge of 5 greenbacks. All you’ve got to do is send me your invoice and I will send you a check for maybe $25, which covers your time and effort, which should also include the time you may take to cancel the automatic monthly cargo of your snake oil, if you don’t then, you will be billed for it.

Not such a bad deal, right?

You pay $5 and earn a $15 profit. And the referring affiliate also earns a nice profit as the miracle drug company paid them a solid $40 commission to obtain a new sale.

Just about a win-win situation. Or is it?

Is Project Payday a Truthful Way to Earn a Few Bucks?

The above is a real instance of what’s called incentivized selling, and Project Payday is an internet course that teaches you how to earn rewards promoting cost per action offers in an identical way.

Not acquainted with CPA offers?

These are generally free or terribly cheap trial offers designed to get a company’s product, service or business ventures into the hand of a new client in the expectation of gaining further a sales later on.

All those garish banners that you see online offering you iPods for a penny, free money or computers if you just fill-in the form or complete a survey, are all just a part of this cost per action incentivized scheme.

These incentivized freebie internet sites as they’re called, are all part of the same selling model as Project Payday falls into.

These corporations truly will give you the freebie after completing a survey or a particular number of affiliate offers, but there is a catch.

Before you qualify to receive the item in question you should either give up your private info, finish a minimum number of trial offers, consent to an once per month automobile cargo, or hire a half-dozen of your relatives and buddies to finish the same offer.

Some people truly have an interest in certain services and goods of course and that’s a different situation. Basically this method of selling is a means of bribing others to complete offers, and the most important part to remember when doing this is to cancel right away to dodge losing money then the only one losing cash is the company whose product it is.

This could be a win for you and the referring affiliate , but the company loses big time because they paid a commission for what actually amounts to a fake shopper who actually had no interest in the product or service being offered.

So the solution to the question: “Is project pay-day ethical?” is pretty clear. It depends totally on which side of the fence you sit and your own sense of wrong and right.

Suffice it to claim there are numerous folks making massive incomes doing this part-time by promoting these dubious CPA offers. The ones that make the serious money are those who can promote an offer in such a way as to attract folk who may genuinely have an interest in trying the product.

If you can master the science and art of selling, you too could possibly earn a respectable living doing this too.

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