MLM Network Marketing Sponsor Quits

MLM Network Marketing Sponsor Quits


What will you decide to do if your MLM network marketing sponsor quits? This question has been asked by countless numbers of people who have gotten into an MLM business only to find that down the road, their MLM network marketing sponsor quits on them.

The network marketing industry is notorious for the amount of people who give up after a very short lived career in the industry, and the problem with this type of business is that those people who are involved are all taught the need to rely on each other in order to be successful.

It can happen to anyone in this industry. You’ve joined a company and your MLM network marketing sponsor quits! All of the promises they made and support they were going to give you has vanished.

STOP right there!

You can take a moment and be upset. But, STOP right there. It is not your sponsor who is responsible you your success or failure. This is the beauty of network marketing, in that your income is not dependent on the success of your sponsor. Your success is contingent upon YOU.

These are the people who are always finding the grass greener on the other side of the fence, a better product or compensation plan. They blame their failure on the product or the company.

Most people who quit one company and jump to another are thinking about their own business and how this might help themselves, not how it may effect their down-line they have built under them? In most cases you will join another business opportunity with the idea that you expect your down-line to follow you to the new company.

Most people think about down-line quitting which happens regularly, but there is not much thought put into having the up-line quit on you? And so if your up-line quits, what now?

So having put all that hard work in on one business, do you start all over again with your up-line because they jumped to something else? Or do you carry on and continue to build your business that you have put so much blood, sweat and tears into?

Starting over again would seem to me that this would be harder to do. But this happens all the time.

I have had this happen when I have had to decide what to do when my up-line quits on me.

The one thing I had to realize is my up-line is not building my business for me, I am building my own MLM network marketing business.

The point that you need to consider here is that even if your MLM network marketing sponsor quits, it is YOU you need to be accountable to when you are in business for yourself.

This is when you will knuckle down and move forward on your own accord and get back on track building your business yourself.

Just let them go!

It has been the nature of this business that people come and go for any number of reasons. Just let them go.

If you are expecting your up-line to build your business for you, you came into this industry with false expectations.

You need to have a WHY that is strong enough that no matter what happens, you will have the determination and the persistence to keep at it and don’t quit just because someone else quits. Just let them go.

One reason this industry has a history of quitters may be because of the low start-up cost. Then add to that the high pressure sales pitch from your sponsor promising you will get rich.

Then when it didn’t happen right away, disillusionment and the feeling of failure take over, and they quit. Not because the system didn’t work, but because they were never taught how to work the system.

Have faith in your own ability and tell yourself, “YOU CAN DO IT”.

Most people quit for any one of three reasons:

1. False Promises.

They were told that this product was so good that everyone would want it.

People would flock to join you in your business and you would make enough money to could quit your job and live the life of your dreams.

They were fed the dream without given any real foundation of how to build am MLM business with hard work and time to see it though.

2. Recruit, recruit, recruit.

They were told as long as they continued to recruit, they would always have people in their down-line who would make them money, even while they were sleeping.

What they weren’t told is that if they only built their business on recruiting, they would have to continue to recruit because as people get discouraged with the lies, there is a continual flow of people quitting, and you will need to keep replacing these people or your will not have a business.

Don’t get me wrong, recruiting is definitely a basis of your MLM business, but it is not the end of your responsibility, it is the beginning.

Too many people in this industry work hard at sponsoring and getting people signed up and they think their job is over. They then move on to work on the next prospect and leave their new recruit to fend for themselves.

So when this becomes too hard for them and they get discouraged, they quit.

3. Their WHY they got into business in the first place is not strong enough.

People need a WHY to do what they do, and if your WHY is not strong enough give you reason to persist in what you are doing, it is likely that you will quit when the going gets tough.

Your WHY keeps you going. It is your WHY that will find solutions to problems and you will find you are determined enough to search out those solutions.

If you don’t find your WHY, then your business will likely fail. You determine your outcome, not your up-line.

To say you want more money is not enough.

A better WHY would be to leave an inheritance for you kids, buy a new house, or to finally go on that vacation.

Your reason has to be specific or it will get lost with the problems of the day. Just remember your WHY and then have faith “YOU CAN DO IT”.

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