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Think: Why Can’t We Get This Thing To Work

With so many people struggling to get ahead, or just staying afloat, in this time of economic downturn, this is a book about how things should be regardless of the economic times of the country. It is about the way most people think and why they have the results in they have in their lives. Life is what we make of it without any excuses that someone else caused our lack or failures.

We are responsible only to ourselves for the results we are getting in our lives. If we live in poverty, we think in poverty. If we live in success, we think in success. We in fact are responsible for our own economic situation and by the use of the ideas presented in this book, we can determine our own economic climate.

This book; ‘Think: Why We Can’t Get This Thing To Work’ is the author’s take on while most people have heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’ since the movie ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrnes came out, there is still a lot of people struggling with getting the Law of Attraction to work to their satisfaction.

If anyone gets hold of the ideas presented in this book, and changes his or her way of thinking accordingly, then they will change there results in their lives and will have what they want.

It is available in two formats. As an e-book down-loadable for computer only, not available on a handheld device such as ipod.

To buy this e-book click HERE.

Also available in paperback as an order on demand that will be prepared and shipping out in the mail.

To buy this book click HERE.

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