Strange Sounds of 2012 Continued

I notice that even more of these types of videos have been appearing all over the modern world. A few of them are obvious fakes therefore the hoaxers know who they happen to be. Yet, one just has to weed through these and come up with your own conclusions.

Simply put I really feel that a handful of necessary facts really should be considered in this article.

Primarily, that a technological know-how to allow them to dub these types of noises all over an environmental area is easily accessible.

Additionally, is the fact that the technologies in which to record video recordings happens to be within the control of countless men and women in the technique of I-Phones, I-Pods, along with quite possibly almost every model of modern day smart phone which consists of various multiple faceted features is just totally obvious.

Those days are gone every time 1 is witness for an occasion and you wish they’d their video camera at their side or you regret being out of film. I’m able to personally let you know that I do not believe I am aware of someone in these days that does not have an I-Phone.

Even when I was holding a job at the gravel pit in northern Alberta, Canada over this past summer of 2011 most of the personnel employed there owned this technology with them constantly. They normally would shovel gravel for awhile then pull their blackberry out to be able to reply to their e-mail or whatever. I’m just seeking to say that communicating by utilizing the net is undoubtedly extremely practical and it allows for the capability to monitor events on the spot in actual time as they occur.

We’ve reports, broadcasts revealing that these tones throughout Costa Rica and Brasil are authentic phenomena even though North American news has as yet to pick up the story.

But in Windsor, Ontario, Councillor Al Maghneih, told that more than a 1,000 citizens located in his ward have now reported about an unidentified rumbling noise within their local area to which he has been a personal observer by face to face consulting the voters in their own homes.

The provincial Ministry of Environment carried out an investigation last April of which I assume to be last year, 2011 and deduced that this was absolutely no industrial cause associated with the bizarre sound.

We do not understand or know just what exactly the sounds are. I realize that I’ve heard some of these before. Including the booming which had been captured in Colorado on August 22nd, 2011 and recently in Costa Rica pointed out above.

The other noises is what I would personally describe as something very close to metal grinding against metal much like the hulls of ships rubbing together. I have observed these right here in Ohio too as in Alberta, Canada over the past couple of years. I would stop and listen for some time knowing that it was indeed not a natural noise. It was clearly manufactured however I could not consider what might be the cause other than some manner of metallic work taking place within the local region. Consequently I dismissed it and went about my day.

Be assured next occasion I hear these kind of audible curiosities I’ll be primed to record them.

Anyway, my point is the fact that some of these do appear to become 1st hand accounts of private witnesses who simply hit the record button using the technology that’s so conveniently accessible to them. They don’t need to prove something.

I can merely urge you simply listen to the skies within your personal area simply because I am positive that you simply have your own I-Phone or equivalent within arms reach. And then we will find out who exactly believes you.

To understand if the phenomena is relevant to the prophecies of 2012 and the end of the Myan calender, read the The Paradigm Formula: Your 2012 Survival Guide by Adrian Dorsey.

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