The Smart Driver

I thought you might like a couple of stories that are based on the idea of listening and following the advice of good mentors. The moral of these stories is to take action after receiving information, study it, internalize it, and use the information to your advantage. In the first story, Sabrina’s father invested to make millions. In the second story, the driver internalized the information he had heard so often and became an equal to his mentor.

Here is the first story:

Do you remember the movie ‘Sabrina’ with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond?

Julia’s character was the little girl from the servants quarters that was in love with Harrison Ford’s character. Julia’s dad was the chauffeur for Harrison and drove him to and from work every day. Do remember what Julia’s dad did?

I thought the real theme of the story was not in the story of the two main characters along with Greg Kinnear, who played Harrison’s brother, but in the scene at the end of the show of Julia’s father. Do you remember what he did?

The story is based on the fact that Sabrina and her family were poor and in need of money, so Harrison was enticing Sabrina with the offer to pay her a large sum of money with the understanding that she had none. Sabrina’s dad stepped in and related the story of how he had drove Harrison to and from work every day, and listened in on his phone conversations about investing. Everything he learned about investing from Harrison, he went and followed his employers advice and became wealthy himself.

At the end of the show, the tables were turned on Harrison as it became evident that Sabrina was not this little poor girl from the servants quarters, but that she was very rich.

Her dad had learned well and put his knowledge into action and invested wisely all the knowledge he accumulated from listening while driving for his rich employer.

This to me is the essence of success. To find a good mentor and follow their advice and you will succeed.
I relate this story because I also received another story from a friend of mine that is along the same line. It brought my thoughts back to ‘Sabrina’ with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond and I just had to post it.

So here is another story:

The SMART Driver
There was once a very famous motivational speaker. He had a driver who followed him to all his speaking engagements. The driver saw and heard the motivational speaker speak so often that he knew word for word what the motivational speaker was going to say. He became an expert too. The driver told the motivational speaker that he could speak just as well.One day when the motivational speaker was not feeling well, the driver asked for a chance to speak in his place. The motivational speaker agreed and the driver went on stage confidently and gave the best motivational speech of his life.

The motivational speaker was shocked because the driver spoke and moved exactly like him. The driver got a standing ovation from the big audience at the end of his speech.

After the speech, it was question time. One of the audiences asked a very difficult question. The driver knew that there was no way he could answer the question. He paused for a moment and confidently told the audience that the question was too easy for him so he will ask his driver (the motivational speaker) to answer it instead.

It is easy to be successful if you find a successful person as a mentor to follow. To be successful you have to be a good “copycat” and follow what successful people do. Let them be your role model. Follow what they do, what they believe in, how they move, how they talk, and what they think about most of the time. If they succeed in what they do, you can also have the same degree of success if you role model them. Successful people have developed a pattern of excellence.

“Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.”



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  1. What a tremendous story. I remember that movie Sabrina and I too took note on how the chauffeur had made his money by following the investment advice of the business that he overheard. In fact I was thinking of that very scene the other day. There are no coincidences…

    The driver copying the motivational speaker and becoming just as good is also an excellent example. Thanks you for blogging these two wonderfully inspiring stories of success!

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