How I lost weight and inches in a few months

I am posting this in the hopes that it may help someone and I am not posting to be judgemental or running down anyone who is over weight. God knows, I was there and I understand what it is like. I am only sharing some of my own experiences with weight loss problems and some of my ups and downs.

I have had weight fluctuation all my life. When I was 12 years old I was very overweight for my age. I was picked on and laughed at because of it and I suppose those emotional tramatic experiences have shaped my life so I can certainly associate with anyone with the problem.

Thinking back over my life, I have had several times when things changed. At the age of 12 we moved into the city and I received my first bike. I had to ride it to school which was several blocks away, and that summer I was on my bike all day, every day. I was cycling all the time.

Now, to fill in some more of the story, I had lived with neighbors on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada for most of my 12 years as my mother was very sick at times and spent a lot of time in those years in the hospital. So I always said I was raised by neighbors and I appreciated what they did for me very much.

Well, the following summer after I had been biking for a year, my dad took me back for a visit. When we got out of the car we were making our greetings, when, to my surprize, the man of the house asked Dad who he had with him. Dad said, “Well, thats Robert”. He was shocked I had lost so much weight that he didn’t recognize me.

I never thought about it much except that it was the first time I had been in good physical condition.

The next time I had a weight loss expereince was after I had started working. I got back up to such a weight, after I started driving instead of biking, (and had put the bike away for good), it was hard for me to climb up one flight of stairs without stopping to catch my breath at the top. Then I lost that job and had to find something new.

I had a cousin in construction and he said he could get me on the job he was working on as they were looking for workers. I had never done any physical labor in my life but I said I would give it a try. After a few days I realized that I could do this and so I stayed at the job. It did not take very long I was buying a new wardrobe as all my clothes were literally falling off. I went down six inches in waste size and kept that size for years.

It was at this time that I began to realize that keeping my weight down was directly connected to my physical excersize. Now I never went to a gym or runing on a treadmill, just a lot of regular hard work and everyday activity. But it was while I was taking my eight weeks of apprentiship in school that I noticed the biggest change. I only took about four weeks when My clothes were getting to tight for my again. So I found I had to have one size pants for when I was working, and a larger pair for when I was a school just for those four years while apprenticing.

After being in construciton for twenty years,  my sife and I got into managing motels which we have now done for the last tweny-two years. And of course, you guessed it, sitting a a desk for tweny years does nothing for the waste line, so the weight came back on.

This time I did something different. I was encouraged to visualize the results I wanted, and not to accept what I saw in the mirror. Well, this was different but, without anyone knowing what I was doing, I thought I would give it a try. In my mind I saw myself looking just how I wanted to look like in weight and waste line, (there was nothing that could be done with the rest of the picture), and this was the only way I saw myself.

My son told me one day not long ago about a weight loss program he had gone on and how he was loosing inches off his waste line. I then realized that during the same time span, I had gone to my toolbox and had punched another hole in my belt to keep the pants up. He did his weight loss by starving, and I did my weight loss by thinking. I had heard of this happening for other people but this was the first time I had experienced it first hand.

So here is my summary:

  • All the time while riding my bike when I was young, I was thinking that if I keep riding I will get thin.
  • When I started driving a car and working at a desk, I was thinking I would put weight back on.
  • All the time while working heavy construction I was thinking I will loose this weight if I stay with it.
  • All the time in school I knew that without the physical excersize I would put weight back on.
  • After construction and while managing motels, I was thinking about not have the physical excersize any more and so I could not burn off the pounds and sure enough, they came back.
  • Then I mentally changed my paradigm and my thinking on purpose and I lost inches off my waste again.


The thoughts of what I looked like were always with me. It was the paradigm from when I was young and overweight that kept my thoughts on what it was like to see and feel due to the reacting of the situation I was in.

How many times have you said, “If I eat this I will put on weight”? And all the while you are trying to loose weight.

How many times have you said, “Why is it that he can eat anything he wants and not gain a pound? And everything I eat goes straight to my hips!”?

I am only giving you my own experiences and give you some if my ideas. I am not trying to promote a weight loss program or sell you on weight loss products, (although I have some very good products for this). Nutrition is all part of it, excersize is all part of it, but what I found in my life, that I realize now, was that my mental thoughts and images were all part of it also. You have all heard the saying, “You become what you think about”. Well, through my experience, I now realize that is absolutely true.

We do become what we think about.

And ninety-nine percent of the time we will not realize this at the time, but if you look back at how you thought over that period of time in your life and what your attitude was like, I am sure you too will realize I am correct. Even though we wanted to loose weight, in our mind we were thinking the opposite.

Tell me what your thoughts are on the subject and I give you a long and healthy life.



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