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I want to be busier in my retirement than I was when I was working

I have decided to have an objective. I am 62 years old and not looking forward to my retirement years. For one reason I don’t have enough money to retire now but that is not to say I won’t when I reach 65, however, money really has nothing to do with retiring.

Retirement is when you finally get the chance to do what you really want to do when you were to busy working for a living and were doing what you had to do for someone else in order to get paid. Now, in retirement, you simply are changing your progression and do what you now have time to do for yourself.

Let me tell you a story.

My Dad came to me some years ago when he was thinking of having to retire from the place he was employed, and told me he was concerned with getting to the age when he would have to retire from his work. He worked where there was a mandatory retirement age and when he turned 65 he would be forced to quit his job and retire.

Of course at that time he had no idea what was going to happen or what he would do when the time came. His main concern, and I could tell he was frightened of the idea by the tone of his voice, was that when he retired, his life would be over. I mean literally over, he was afraid his life would be over he would die. The reason he had this idea was not without grounds. He had worked with several co-workers who he knew quite well, and when it came time to them to retire, they were passing away one after the other.

Some of his friends that had retired and getting their first pension check never even had time to spend it and they passed away. Some had passed away within the first year of their retirement and never really got to enjoy life after work. A couple friends of my Dad’s never even got to get their first check, had applied for it and passed away just before their last day of work.

Wow, talk about playing on one’s mind.

So I asked Dad, “What were these people doing after they quit their jobs and retired?”

Well, Dad knew most of these people fairly well as he had worked many years with them, and said that most of them just quit work and were staying home and really not doing anything.

I thought for a moment, and not even really knowing why I was coming up with this idea, I said “Well, that’s the problem”. They don’t have any thing to do now, they have been working hard all their lives, their body is used to being busy and on the go all the time, and now they just quit. They left their job for that last day, went home, sat down on the couch and gave up. Not only did they quit physically but they quit mentally as well. When they sat down on the couch and gave up, they literally gave up. Their body shut down and their mental capacity shut down also, and so the life just left them and they died.

Well at the time I thought my reasoning sounded pretty good and I told Dad he can’t do that. I told him it was imperative that he find himself something else to do, like a hobby or something he could work at in his retirement, and that he can’t quit, he had to keep going. I said it didn’t have to be anything hard to do, but that he had to keep himself occupied so that his body kept active and his mind kept active also.

The next thing I heard about Dad, was that he had gotten interested in doing a job he could do, one that he had used as a hobby for most of his life and that he was an expert at, and now he was going to take the position. He was so excited about being able to do this, he was going to retire early from his main occupation, he would still receive a good pension, and he was going to do what he really enjoyed. He had found something that he liked to do and could do this for several years after his retirement from his main occupation.

He said to me some years later that he was busier then than he was all the years of working for a living. But at the same time it was something he enjoyed and looked forward to doing every day. His whole viewpoint on retirement changed and had no more thoughts about dying when he quit work. He never really quit work. He just kept on working from one profession to another. His body never got a chance to quit and his mind stayed active. He lived until one month before his 89 birthday. A long way form 65 when most of his friends were retiring and passing away.

So having experienced this first hand with my Dad, these are my thoughts exactly. I will be busier when I retire than when I was working.

So I have made a decision, I have decided to have an objective.

I started out after high school working in an architectural office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In fact, I was so interested in working that I left school a year early and had to finish my credits by night school to get my diploma. I only had 2 courses I had to take, so I chose not to spend a whole year just taking 2 courses and have the rest of the day with spares, and so I went to work and got my diploma in the mail at the end of that year.

I drafted for 5 years and was then laid off in a second wave of lay offs from the office as they were on hold with one of the biggest contracts they would undertake. However, the government had post-ponced the job, and so because they had turned away other work for the bigger contract, now they found themselves with too many employees and no work.

I looked at the layoff as a sign of respect for me as I was good enough to stay on for the first wave but circumstance’s were beyond their control at the time. I felt no animosity toward them at all. And I was told that I was good at what I did and considered a professional at my job.

I was hired on within a week at a factory where a cousin of mine worked prefabbing houses. This was the first time in my life I swung a hammer, and for that matter, anything heavier than a pencil. I had my reservations whether or not I could do the labor, but soon found that I could. I spent several years at the factory, learning many skills, and then left there for a bigger company where I apprenticed and got my journeyman’s ticket in carpentry. I went from apprentice, to journeyman, to foreman, to acting superintendent and was considered a professional in my career.

After 20 years working in construction, and having some health issues related to the heavy work, I then fell into management in the motel and hospitality industry. Through all the aspects of management, I also considered myself as a professional in the industry.

So after 22 years of management, I am now at this point in my life. Throughout the course of my life, I went from blue collar worker, to laborer, to journeyman, to management, and all things in between that go along with it.

In all these professions, I have come to the conclusion, it was all about me. It was all about working for a living and making money but at the same time, it was all about what I could do for someone else and help them make all the big money.

Now I realize that if I didn’t help them make money in their business that I wouldn’t have a job and then no paycheck. But at the same time, I was not really doing it for them, I was doing it for me. And I always kept a little back to be sure I was indispensable, and therefore I ensured I always had a job.

But there is one question I have been asked, and now at my age it is frequently on my mind. And that is this: ‘Have you made a difference?’.

So this is the objective I have decided to make: ‘I am going to make a difference’.

I have gone though two life long careers and have been looking for a third for some time now, and it is funny, sometimes when you are looking for something, you don’t find it, it finds you.

That is what has happened to me now. I was very late getting into the computer age, but I have learned many things very fast, and have now realize that this thing also, I can do.

I have been trying to find a way to make money online like I have heard of so many others are doing. A year ago I stumbled on a method that anyone can do to make money on the internet. I have been studying for a year to learn how this is done so that I can teach others how to do it also. I have figured it out now and have decided this is what I am going to do as my third profession while ‘retired’.

As a result I fully expect to be busier while ‘retired’ and working my new profession than I was when I was working for a living. I also fully expect this will generate more money for those that I work with than they would ever imagine while working for a paycheck.

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